Ask Your Congressional Representative to Support the Creation of a Small Claims Court!

Ask Your Congressional Representative to Support the Creation of a Small Claims Court!


Dear Creators and Friends of the Creative Community,

The time is now to support creators and the creator community! Urge your elected officials to support the creation of a small claims court within the U.S. Copyright Office. The establishment of a small claims court would support countless professional creators and small businesses throughout the U.S. If you haven’t contacted your representative, now is the time to do so. And if you have contacted them, now is the time to remind them that the creative community needs their support.

For many photographers, illustrators, authors, songwriters, and other creators and small businesses that own copyrighted works, enforcing their rights is simply not feasible. Litigation is expensive and most of these creators can’t afford to enforce their rights in federal court. In effect, the U.S. copyright system provides creators with rights but no effective remedies. To address this problem, the U.S. Copyright Office released a study recommending the creation of a simplified process for resolving lower value copyright claims.

Organizations representing individual creators and small businesses have already voiced their support. Now it’s vital that legislators hear directly from creators about the importance of this issue.

  • Please contact your representative to ask them for their support. We’ve provided a sample letter below that you can send, or feel free to modify it (or use your own letter).
  • You can also call your representative using the list of phone numbers here.
  • And you can tag or direct message him/her on Twitter. Please click here, and then click on the twitter icon for your representative.

The important thing is to let your voice be heard on this important issue!

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